This unique approach allows the enhancement of a client’s acknowledgement of the personal problems and their self-development, at the same time as helping to rebuild family bonds, and helping clients reintegrate and become healthy members of society.

ARTM provides detoxification and rehabilitation based on therapeutic community therapy program and projects targeting individuals seeking a treatment goal of abstinence, opioid reduction or opioid stabilization and other addictions.


ARTM was established in 2000 to help drug dependent individuals of the community find healthier lifestyle options.

Since its early pioneering days, ARTM provided self-help and peer support which evolved into a traditional Therapeutic Community (TC) Currently ARTM have two treatment centers, one Needle Syringe/Harm Reduction Program, 1 Reintegration support department and one Prevention project (Be Cool Project)

ARTM works in the 4 pillars, Treatment, Prevention, Harm Reduction and Policy Advocacy.

vision & mission



To foster personal growth within an Alcohol and Other Drugs therapeutic program, incorporating Harm
Minimisation and Co-existing Mental Health Initiatives Philosophy.

ARTM believes that the understanding of harmful substance dependence (includes alcohol & Gambling) and the treatment of people with problems related to harmful substance dependence can be greatly enhanced by involvement/interaction with people who have lived through the experience.

In this way ARTM supports and adopts a self-help approach, which is based on peer support within the therapeutic community method of treatment.

By providing clients with the necessary skills to help themselves and each other the “We” principle comes into being for the entire community, A sense of being part of a community is established or re-established.



Consumer consultation, valuing their feedback and involvement at all times;

Client confidentiality;

Uphold and promote client informed choice and cultural diversity;

Organisational transparency;

Quality in service provision using evidence-based practice.



To provide best practice care and support services to promote recovery and reduce drug related harm;

Invest in workforce development to retain skilled staff;

Partner with funders and other agencies to achieve positive outcomes, including abstinence, stabilisation and the reduction of harm caused by substance misuse;

Effective planning in preparation for future ever-changing funding environments;

Continuously monitor and evaluate performance against our targets and key performance indicators to ensure we stay true to our mission and report regularly on the effectiveness of our services.



To be recognised locally and regionally as the leading AOD organisation that promotes and provides the Therapeutic Community (TC) Model of Care of the highest standard.


  • Amy Chan
    Amy Chan Psychological Counselor
  • Andreia Bento
    Andreia Bento Psychological Counselor
  • Hong A
    Hong A Outreach Monitor
  • Lei Io Meng
    Lei Io Meng Outreach Monitor